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A Wet and Wild Weekend At Wet Electric

Storm clouds hung over the Phoenix area this past weekend, however this did not deter thousands of enthusiastic EDM fans and weekend warriors looking for a wet and wild weekend at Wet Electric, an EDM festival thrown by the highly regarded company Relentless Beats.


Wet Electric took place this year at Big Surf Water Park in Tempe Arizona. Located right off the 202 loop on McClintock Drive, it is easily accessible to Phoenix locals. Having the festival at Big Surf makes Wet Electric the biggest pool party in the state of Arizona. With a huge beach inspired walk in pool, water slides, and a tiki themed atmosphere.


20160429-217A0813Line Up

Relentless Beats brought in some major hitters this weekend including 3Lau, Bro Safari, WIWEK and the ever so loved DaDa Life. Justin Jay also made a surprise appearance before his set later that evening at Shady Park in down town Tempe. Local Phoenix’s artists included but were not limited too Blossom, BIJOU and Morgan Laine. EDM enthusiasts certainly enjoyed line up Relentless Beats provided.


Justin Jay

Justin Jay at Wet Electric


The crowd at Wet Electric was more diverse than many of the other Relentless Beats I’ve attended in the past. Many attendees I spoke with appeared more attracted to the pool party aspect rather than the actual set list itself. There was still a vast majority of die hard festival goers in attendance. Todd ran into  Mike, Shannon, Georgia and Sienna who traveled all the way from Vancouver British Colombia just for Wet Electric. Todd was curious how they heard of the event, Sienna stated “I was just looking up music festivals online, I came across Wet Electric, I saw a water slide and I was sold”. Overall everyone was there to have a great time and listen to the hottest EDM bangers.


Wet Electric Crowd


One of the biggest draws to Wet Electric is the various activities offered. From zip lining, racing down the water slides or just kicking back and floating around the pool. There was always something I wanted to see or do. Julian Ovante a veteran of Wet Electric explained “My favorite part about Wet Electric is the zip line, before last year I never had the opportunity to zip line. The fact that they offer it and that it goes behind the main stage is awesome”.

Wet Electric had three different stages, the Wet Electric Stage (main stage), the RB Deep Stage and the Silent Disco Stage. The Wet Electric stage was unreal, I have never seen a stage of that magnitude located smack dab in the middle of a giant pool. The unique setup was enough for me  and many others purchase a ticket.



The VIP area at Wet Electric took up a large portion of the area at Wet Electric. If you did not want to be in the pool watching the artists, the really only other place to view the acts comfortably was VIP.  VIP offered giant bean bag chairs to rest on and various table and bottle service packages. If you had the budget to splurge I would highly recommend spending a little more on VIP for these reasons alone.



There was a mad decent selection of vendors selling quality goods. From hats, t-shirts, headbands and various artwork and jewelry, there was a little bit of something for everyone looking to take a souvenir home with them. Josh Zuniga Phoenix business owner of LVLF stated that he vends at many music festivals in Arizona and California. “EDM is our primary demographic and shares many of the similar beliefs, its all about love and sharing the experience with everyone”. Wet Electric and other Relentless Beats events are the perfect place to sell to your intended audience.



The only issue I ran into with Wet Electric was the weather. Obviously this a is an uncontrollable situation. It is unfortunate that for the past two years that the festival has had to deal with storm conditions. We ran into similar weather conditions at our own event Munduzer. We know how frustrating it can be dealing with things that are out of your hands.



Wet Electric is a unique festival unlike many festivals myself and others attend on a regular basis. If your looking to soak in the pool and sip on alcoholic beverages with your squad look no further. Just remember to bring a change of clothes and a towel. The overall rating 8.83/10.


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