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Dirty Disco Stage

Dirty Disco Ravers: Squashing Stereotypes

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Masses of people decked out in vibrant colors, extravagant costumes, elaborate makeup, and platform shoes. An array of flow artists–poi spinners, fire dancers, glovers, and hoopers–showcasing their talent at every turn. Heavy electronic music sending dancers into trances of ecstatic movement. Despite the negative stigma sometimes associated with rave culture, the following ravers at Arizona’s annual Dirty Disco are here…

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Desert Canvas: Every Good Thing You Want To Believe About The World In One Place

By | Transformation Stories | 2 Comments

A lot of people have written here how volunteering for or attending a Desert Canvas event or workshop has changed them for the better. I’m not writing about that, because Desert Canvas didn’t change me. It did something better…. Stop what you are doing. Turn off your music, silence your phone….  Now remember back to when you were five years…

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