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Search Engine Optimization

Our Co-Founder Todd has grown a nationally recognized tutoring business to over 1 Million annual visitors using content marketing. His expertise will help your business rank higher.

Paid Advertising

Need help with your Facebook, Instagram, PPC, or Display Ads? By setting our primary focus on ROI, we can help you scale your ad spend, and be seen everywhere by your prospects and customers.

Social Media Marketing

Having great content to share on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can quickly elevate your popularity and help you become an authority in your field. Having a framework to follow is key.

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Desert Canvas

Digital Marketing Agency

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About Us

Desert Canvas is the collaboration between internet entrepreneurs Vlad Madorsky and Todd VanDuzer, designed to help growing companies craft and profit from their digital marketing strategies.

Deeper Contact

Got a question you'd prefer to ask online? You can now message Vlad directly through Facebook Messenger.

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