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Phoenix Event Reviews: Saturday Night Gets Deep in Downtown Phoenix with Brodinski and Ryan Hemsworth

I’ve been to a lot of shows. A lot of shows. A big reason for me moving up here for college in the Phoenix metro area (versus staying around in my hometown of Tucson) was the fact that there were just way more shows up here than in the Old Pueblo. But somehow I had yet to make it to an RBDeep performance – a special kind of show put on by Relentless Beats – usually downtown – with only the deepest sounds in EDM. It sounded like the ultimate place to be if you were a music fan looking to take things #onedeeper.

Since fate (by which I mean “finances”) decided that I would not be attending any of the three massive festivals going on in the US this past weekend (Lollapalooza, Hard Summer, and the all new Bass Center in Denver), I found myself free Saturday night and only 3 short light rail stops away from Monarch Theatre. So it only made sense that I go. The performers that night? Brodinski and Ryan Hemsworth.

After scanning my ticket and a quick search through my purse I entered into a Monarch Theatre that I didn’t immediately recognize. A 21-and-over restriction meant the loss of those somewhat irritating gates that divide the crown and instead some circular white couches lingered toward the back looking like something I’d see on a weird 1970s spaceship penthouse.

But there was one thing that I knew I could count on, and it was that fabulous bass sound, which Monarch always delivers plenty of. And when Ryan Hemsworth made his way to the stage and began to play his set, I knew I was in for an excellent night.

The set was a unique blend of chill and indie electronic sounds with some hip hop influences thrown in to keep things upbeat and interesting. I found myself lost more than once in samples of lush chords paired with colorful visuals (that definitely made it on my Snapchat story). I was only sort of familiar with a few of his songs but after this set I’m going to be finding myself on his Soundcloud page a lot more often.

Following him was Brodinski – and I knew even less about him beforehand. A friend played me maybe 2 of his songs about an hour or two before arriving at the venue, but I liked what I heard. But man oh man, I had no idea what I was in for. The rest of the performance was full of incredible and interesting beats not unlike Hemsworth’s set before hand, but a little bit darker and with a little more edge. The two sets complemented each other perfectly to create a one-of-a-kind electronic music experience.

Ryan Hemsworth and Brodinski put on what is easily one of the best performances I’ve seen this year so far. They had all that I had ever wanted in a set and more. This may have been my first RBDeep show, but I’m confident that it won’t be my last. Keep being awesome, Relentless Beats – I can’t wait to see what else you have in store this year.

There are so many other amazing shows coming up the rest of this month that are worth checking out: Alex Metric & Aeroplane at Shady Park, Ingrosso at Talking Stick Resort for Release, Louisahhh at Monarch, Sub Focus at the Pressroom, and so much more! Check out the lengthy list of awesome shows at RelentlessBeats.com. You’re sure to find a few that you’re interested in – I know my calendar is full of them.

Were you at the show on Saturday night? Tweet us your thoughts @desertcanvas – we’d love to hear them!

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