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Phoenix Event Reviews: Zeds Dead at the Marquee

By November 3, 2016All Categories

As the valley cools down, the scene is heating up. Venues like the Marquee and Monarch Theater have wrapped us in the sounds of Bear Grillz, Getter, Seven Lions and now Zeds Dead is bringing in Halloween weekend with their Northern Lights Tour, propelled here by Relentless Beats.

Walking up to the Marquee you could already feel the energy of the crowd. Warming up the stage on an already warm October night in Phoenix was Memorrex who greeted the crowd with unorthodox samples and his chill step vibes really set the tone for the whole evening. Bringing in the bass and dropping it heavy in his bullet proof vest was Nebbra, the most recent signee to the Dead Beats label started by Zeds Dead. Getting the crowd bouncing was easy for this up and coming French Producer who has really made an impact on the scene recently with a string of incredible remixes over the past year, five of which won him contests and got his first Remix Album out the door. He is definitely on my Must Watch List for 2017.

Dancing along to Nebbra’s newly released remix of Selena Gomez’s Good For You, Desert Canvas took to engaging the crowd. Most had decided to really kick off Halloween weekend early and right by showing off their most original costumes. From dancing flying carpets to creatures of the night, everyone looked fantastic and even better was getting to meet these amazing people. Desert Canvas knows we all have a story to tell and that we should share it with the world in creative ways. Wanting to really know my fellow Zeds Dead fans I brought out the following thought provoking questions:

  1. Q) If you could be any mythological creature, what would you be?
  • Amanda answered ” I would be a unicorn! They are bright, happy, and playful, like me!”
  • Tyler answered after a brief moment of thought. “I would be Cerberus, because he is a sign of power.” Cerberus is more often known as the hound of Hades, A multi-headed dog that guards the underworld.
  • Ray gave me my favorite answer of the evening ” I wouldn’t want to be something mythological, I would want to be something more real, like an elephant. Because they are just like humans, their young stay with the parents till 18 like us and tend to live in families with tender love.”


Even at a small venue like the Marquee, with ear-splitting music and blinding lights, people still wanted to be heard. We scream about ourselves in our vibrant colored clothes and Halloween costumes, we laugh hard at things we enjoy, but who really gets to share something deep at a show?! Everyone should. Desert Canvas believes we are all like-minded individuals with a story to tell and feelings to share. Helping connect people to their passions and giving them an outlet to tell the world. Do you know yourself well enough to pick out a mythological creature?


As the lights dropped down low, the magnetic shift in energy was palpable. The crowd squeezed in tight and the place went black. A bright light flashed and then another, followed by another. As the music picked up and the lights flashed faster and faster, Hooks introduced The Northern Lights show with a blast of power. As the crowd got on their toes, shuffle circles broke out with Minecraft characters front and center. Sadly DC couldn’t make the show that evening, But Hooks never once let it feel like we were missing out. Jumping off and on the turntables, dropping bass and keeping the crowd dancing, he delivered a One Two Punch of new music in our ears. Only playing songs from the new album Northern Lights and dropping never heard before remixes. The Marquee was turned upside down.

Zeds Dead made sure they were heard, and a very high energy crowd that couldn’t stop dancing even after the music had ended was the proof in the pudding.

Next time you are at a show, find a connection and share something personal, these DJs come far and wide to share their personal tales through their music with us. We need to keep that openness alive, and Desert Canvas wants your story. Find us at the next event, for a chance to be featured in a show review, to get a free hug, or even just to chill with some like-minded individuals.

Relentless Beats has house music on lock, so if you need to fix yourself a night of bassy beats, check out their event page and get yourself some tickets to any of their upcoming events, like Global Dance Festival with Bassnectar and Decadence AZ for New Year’s with Deadmau5!









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