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Phoenix Event Reviews: Release Pool Party Goes for “Gold” With Adventure Club

Of the dozens (or hundreds?) of sub-genres that exist in the wonderful world of electronic dance music, nothing quite has my heart like dubstep does. Once upon a time, an ex-boyfriend surprised me a ticket to a Skrillex show with some relatively unknown openers named Zedd and Porter Robinson. After a long and sweaty night packed in the sold-out venue in Tucson, I was in love. I was in love with weird, noisy, obnoxious, in-your-face dubstep.

So when I heard Canadian duo Adventure Club would be making a stop in Scottsdale for Release Pool Party at the Talking Stick Resort pool, I knew I had to be there.

This wasn’t my first time seeing the two producers – I saw them last New Year’s Eve at the music festival Decadence hosted by Relentless Beats out in Chandler and they were the lucky act that got to perform as the clock struck 12 and 2016 began. There was a noticeable absence of confetti when compared to Decadence, but that didn’t stop the afternoon from being an incredible time.

Photo Taken By James Oborne

Photo Taken By James Oborne

It had reached a high of 111 degrees that day in typical Phoenix fashion. By the time I had gotten my wrist stamped and entered the event I saw many attendees already in the pool. I knew I was going to have to jump in myself pretty soon if I had any chance of surviving the sunny Saturday afternoon. Luckily Talking Stick Resort had several full tubs of water bottles throughout the area to stay hydrated. I helped myself to a few.

They also had a few bars on the outer edges, so I quickly paid a visit to one of them to get an obligatory vodka soda.

The crowd’s energy was up but nothing too crazy, perhaps to save it all for the main event. Still, it looked as if everyone was having a good time laughing with friends and splashing around the pool. A few groups of friends took advantage of the cabanas – buckets on buckets of beer sat on their tables. A few of the more dedicated fans started hovering close to the stage later on in the afternoon, hoping to be front and center for the big performance.

I was laughing with my friends in the pool when the music was cranked up several levels. Everyone’s attention turned to the stage. Adventure Club had arrived and they were ready to chill by the pool. And by “chill by the pool,” I mean, “blow people’s minds and melt their faces with some high voltage dubstep.”

Photo Taken By James Oborne

Photo Taken By James Oborne

I started off during their set splashing around in the pool during the beginning but I couldn’t resist – I had to be the crowd by the stage. I hurried out and threw my sandals back on (because I didn’t want my feet to suffer second degree burns from standing on the somewhat scalding pool deck) and made my way right into the center of the crowd.

The rest of the set contained a variety of trap and dubstep bangers and I don’t believe there was any point where my hands weren’t in the air like I just didn’t care. The crowd was headbanging at every drop (not unlike Kill The Noise earlier this month!) and just as you thought it couldn’t get any more excellent, a new drop would arrive and an even greater amount of insanity followed. Naturally the duo waited toward the end of their set to drop “Gold” – easily their most popular track – but it was well worth the wait.

As the sun was toying with the idea of setting sometime soon, I gathered up my things and made my way through the noisy casino at Talking Stick Resort, a huge smile on my face. A big shout out to Relentless Beats for another Release Pool Party well done and to Adventure Club for knowing how to start the party on a Saturday afternoon.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll for sure be seeing Madeon next weekend for release, and I’ll have both Cosmic Gate (August 7th) and Flux Pavilion with Jayceeoh (August 14th) on my calendar. These events are both 21+, but if you don’t quite make the cut, no worries – Relentless Beats has several other events coming up as well! Check out these and all of the other awesome events coming up at RelentlessBeats.com.

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