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Phoenix Event Reviews: Rain Man at Maya

I’ve always been a night owl

The best parties happen after dark, and days were for hangovers and brunch. Or so I thought until an afternoon spent at Maya Day and Nightclub in Scottsdale proved me wrong.

It was the day before the Fourth of July and it was a blistering hot atmosphere. Only something that you know is worth it could drag someone out of the AC during weather like that. But a pool party like I’ve never attended before, DJ-ed by world famous producer Rain Man and organized by Steve LeVine Entertainment, would prove to be completely worth it.

Kris “Rain Man’ Trindl, formerly 1/3 of electronic dance group, Krewella, is a producer going it alone for the first time. His split with the Yousaf sisters was anything but pretty, but hard times often inspire art and his first single, Visionary ft. Sirah, proved to be an explosive first solo single. In May he released the perfect summer 2016 track, Bring Back The Summer, along with several remixes that were released in June.

I arrived early and met up with Billy Lawrence, the very talented photographer who would accompany me for the day. We hung out in a walled-in court yard starring the kind of pool I’d only ever seen in movies, with a concrete island surrounded by floating beach balls printed with the club name. It was calm even though the house DJ was spinning some aggressive dance tunes that deserved a bigger audience, including a nostalgic remix of B.Y.O.B. by System Of A Down (one that really needs to be on my playlist). Bar tenders were prepping their stations and I notice 10 gallon jugs of blue liquid that looked both delicious and deadly; my favorite combo.


Photos By http://www.wlawrencephotography.com/

Photos By http://www.wlawrencephotography.com/


It didn’t take very long for the crowd to arrive. People walked in by the dozen and  everyone dressed to impress and were ready to celebrate their Independence Day Weekend. I suddenly regretted my ‘just rolled out of bed’ style, but it seemed acceptable because the bikini fashionistas were the real stars of the show and I wanted to be there to interview them about it. In honor of Independence Day, there was a lot of red, white and blue swim wear and accessories, like leis passed out by the club.

The blue cocktail I noticed earlier was being served in glasses that resemble a small fish bowl and it’s what everyone craved. I never ordered one but the most common response I got about it was “it’s really fucking good!” and I instantly made a point to come back to this venue in the future, if only to get one of these.


Photos By http://www.wlawrencephotography.com/

Photos By http://www.wlawrencephotography.com/


By 3:00 PM, the sun was at its highest point and there was hardly any room left in the pool. Billy and I make our rounds around, snapping pictures and meeting people, even though most of them were too caught up in an intense game of beach volleyball to talk long.

Rain Man went on promptly at 4:30 and a huge group formed in front of him as so many people left the water for the show. His performance was electric and perfectly fit the epic summer party theme. The fish bowls got everyone nice and loose and there didn’t seem to be a single person in the whole place who wasn’t having a good time.

My day at Maya Day and Nightclub was an afternoon of legendary proportions. If you ever get the opportunity to attend an event there, don’t pass it up. Chromeo will be there July 23 and Simon Patterson the following Friday, July 29.

And when you go, let me know. You’ll need some help drinking that fish bowl.

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