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Phoenix Event Reviews: A Night Full Of Bass with Kill The Noise at Monarch Theatre

If you’re a fan of all things bass and you’ve never made your way to a show at Monarch Theatre, you need to put that on your to-do list NOW. Monarch is a smaller venue packed between a few buildings on Washington Street in downtown Phoenix (right over by Talking Stick Resort Arena), but this little club makes a big sound – especially when it comes to bass. When I saw RL Grime perform there in 2015, I had to physically leave the crowd at least twice because there was so much bass that I just couldn’t handle it.

So when I heard Kill the Noise would be paying a visit to Monarch along with friends Rickyxsan and Madsonik for the Alt Classic Tour, thanks to Relentless Beats, I knew I was going to have a good night.

Madsonik, who recently collaborated with the headliner to create Spitfire Riddim, did a superb job warming up the crowd as it started getting packed around 11 PM. The excitement was growing throughout. The under-21 friends were getting down on the dance floor as soon as they arrived. Those of us who were 21+ were ordering vodka Red Bulls while we danced. Some were enjoying some fresh air and/or cigarettes out on the patio in the not-quite-as-bad-as-the-daytime Arizona heat.

Following up next was Rickyxsan, who describes himself as having a “Kanye attitude with Drake feelings” in his Twitter bio. By the first drop, trap arms were flying and the majority of the crowd was headbanging.  The entire set was pure energy from start to finish and the crowd of bass music fans was eating up every second of it. All wubs, all the time.

When Kill The Noise took the stage, the bass was cranked up to 11, and everyone lost it. The entire venue was shaking and I even felt the ground moving from time to time – seriously! I sincerely hope those toward the very front were armed with ear plugs, because I can’t even fathom the sheer amount of sound that had to be blasting from the speakers. Surrounded by old friends and new, banging my head to noisy dubstep with a somewhat-new haircut? I couldn’t picture a better way to spend my Saturday night.

And the sprinkles on top of the evening? Madsonik and Rickyxsan joined Kill The Noise up on stage around 2 AM to keep the bass party going on all night long (well, as long as they could). The crowd began slowly filtering out after 2 as the light rail was making its final trek for the night, but the die-hard fans hung around as late as they could. And who could blame them? This set was a one-of-a-kind experience – you didn’t want to miss it.

It was another Saturday night done right at Monarch Theatre, reminding me once again that bass music is loud and messy and crunchy and weird and obnoxious – but I love it. Thank you to Madsonik, Rickyxsan, Kill the Noise and Relentless Beats for an incredible night – please come back soon!

If you’re looking for other awesome sounds courtesy of Relentless Beats, check out Adventure Club at Release (and have a little fun in the sun) at Talking Stick on the 23rd of July, get a little bit deep at Monarch with Brodinski and Ryan Hemsworth, or grab some tickets for the insane two-day Mad Decent Block Party at Rawhide. 2016 is stacked with events that you won’t want to miss!

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