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Phoenix Event Reviews: Getter Was Frickin Great!

By October 19, 2016All Categories

When Wat the Frick comes to Tempe, there is no holding back for any of these excellent artists. Kicking the night off was Aryay who got the small crowd warmed up and bouncing all over the place. Half Empty made sure to drop some heavy bass and hype the crowd. We even had a small set from Vine star and Getters best Friend Nick Colletti. He gave us not only a laugh but a flashback to our high school playlists.

Evreywhere I looked was ravers ready to rage. It might be a Tuesday but these kids came to play. Fluffies, Sparkles and Kandi was plentiful and the trades were epic. I watched two girls meet in the mosh-pit, smash heads, laugh about it, and still made sure to trade, becoming fast friends before going their separate ways for the night. I was most excited to see that PLUR was so alive even at Getter’s Wat The Frick Tour.

As Nick Colleti took the stage, I took to the crowd. The crowd here tonight might have been small, with about 150 people present for the night, but it never felt small as the energy of the crowd grew and grew. He smashed it out of the park with a small set worthy of any of our High School to Middle School year playlists when Superman came on. I found a group of people and, giggling, we all attempted to do the dance. We probably ended up looking silly rather than anything else.

As Tanner (Getter) took to the stage, the shift in the crowd was noticable. People came running from the lobby to get a good spot as the lights went dark and the reverb could be heard in your soul. Taking full advantage of the smaller venue and the high energy of the crowd, Getter threw down the bass and the lasers like it was his soul to bear. The crowd went crazy and the hair went flying. Getter really showed us how much he has evolved since joining Skrillex’s label OSWLA in 2015. His raw sound has become smooth reverb and heavy bass lines sailing across some raging waves of dirty beats. Sporting his own line of merch, Trippy Burger, Getter really gave it to us.


As I cruised around the Marquee I got to meet some amazing people and learn about their stories. With the average age of the attendee being 19, I was able to get the best scoop on how this generation sees our world. Desert Canvas wanted to get really deep with these fellow ravers so we brought out some questions to make people ponder and dive further into themselves. Some of our best answers had us laughing and even feeling inspired.

  1. Q) If you could send a message to the world in 30 seconds, what would you say?
  • Cassandra, 19, answered “We need to stop Hate, it is the one thing that will end our world” in talking about recent events worldwide. For Cassandra it is all about the PLUR and the love we can show for one another.
  • London, 19, answered wearing the biggest smile I saw all night. “You just have to be happy and live your own life to the fullest. You should never let anything get you down.”
  • Ethan, 22, answered while stroking his fluffy bear spirit hood. “My message is that we need to stop killing the planet, it’s the only one we have, we cannot go to another one.”
  1. Q) If you could be any mythological creature, what would you be and why?
  • Juan from Relentless Beats took a moment to answer Desert Canvas. “I would be the Mayan Diety Quetzalcoatl.” A flying feathered serpent who contributed essentially to the creation of man-kind. When asked why, he replied with “the stories and heritage behind him was really interesting in High School, also considered a god of wind and learning, he is powerful.”
  • Jake, 24, answered “I would be a Dragon, I could fly around and spit fire all day.”
  • Tigan, 18, was able to answer after a brief knock in the head going hard in the mosh-pit “I would be a half-horse human thing….Centaur! Because what is more badass than that?!” And she is right, for her in those mosh pits she would embody a centaur perfectly!
  • Jordan, 21, replied “Falcor, from the never ending story, that’s my boy! Lovable, and he flies all day jumping from one reality to the next. It would be the best way to get around.”

Even here at a small venue, with ear-splitting music and blinding lights, people still want to be heard. We scream about ourselves in our vibrant colored clothes and we laugh hard at something we enjoy, but who really gets to share something deep at a show?! Everyone should. Desert Canvas believes we are all like-minded indiviuals with a story to tell and feelings to share. Helping connect people to their passions and giving them an outlet to tell the world. It was warming to hear that these bass loving headbangers can be just like you and me, silly and deep at the same time.

The show was high energy and full of the best lasers this raver has seen in a long time in a small intimate venue. We traded epic pieces of Kandi, gave out so many high-fives and raged our feet off. It might be over but the party never stops! SUH DUDE.

Next time you are at a show, find a connection and share something personal, these DJs come far and wide to share their personal tales through their music with us. We need to keep that openness alive, and Desert Canvas wants your story. Find us at the next event, for a chance to be featured in a show review, to get a free hug, or even just to chill with some like-minded individuals.

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