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Phoenix Event Reviews: Christian Martin Building Dirtybird Anticipation

How One Party Turned Into Two.

Saturday night, photographer Chris by my side, and doors were open at Monarch theater inviting house heads into the downtown venue. Relentless Beats has done a wonderful job at booking the right talent, including Dirtybird hitters Christian Martin and Worthy, who kept the party going late into the AM Saturday night (or technically Sunday morning if you like to call others out on that). The event was one of the few 21+ shows held at Monarch, allowing for plenty of dance space on the rhythm driven floor.

Chris and I started the night off chatting with the attendees inside by the bar. Although it was difficult to hear, we were able to detect some serious excitement among the crowd and we wanted to find out why. By continuing our chit chat with the fellow dancers, ravers, partyers, drinkers, smokers, and music enthusiasts we understood why all the excitement was brewing.

Two reasons:


A few people knew who Worthy was and few more knew about Christian Martin. However everyone seemed to know about Dirtybird, arguably the most “fun” record label in history known for the kickback personalities of founder Claude VonStroke and many other DJs. The majority of our conversations were in particular about the Dirtybird Campout, a 3-day camping festival located in Silverado, CA. This festival was created last year jointly by Dirtybird and The DoLab, organizers of Lightning in a Bottle and Woogie Weekend. I was fortunate enough myself to attend the first one last year, and to this day it remains my favorite festival.

People at Monarch were very excited for the campout this year, most everyone having already purchased their tickets. That night I met with Chris Bello, who recently created the facebook group AZ Dirtybird Campers to gather the flock of Dirtybird fans from Arizona. Many attendees were already aware of the group and are already coordinating rides to Cali together. Expect a massive AZ campground at the festival this year.


The founder of Relentless Beats and a DJ himself, Thomas Turner was in attendance at this event. The venue’s upstairs room was opened for the night. I had never been up there before and had no idea what to expect. As I walked up the stairs the first thing I noticed was the red glow illuminating the stairwell. As I entered the main room I immediately had a flashback memory of my time spent in a couple Amsterdam nightclubs. Although I haven’t personally been, Berlin has the same feel from what I am told. The heavy smoke coming from the fog machines every few minutes mixed with the intense strobe lights gave this room a very unique feel. The music was darker, and full on techno. Despite the popularity of Christian Martin, there was an equal amount of attendees upstairs loyal to the sounds of Thomas Turner, who played a set himself.

In all

Saturday night was my first 21+ show at Monarch and it definitely won’t be my last. Chris and I had an incredible time jamming to Christian Martin and socializing with the Dirtybird fans. All the talk about Dirtybird Campout sure got me excited for October, when I along with the rest of the AZ Dirtybird Campers will trek across the state for the second ever Dirtybird Campout which will feature Claude VonStroke, Christian Martin and his brother Justin Martin, Justin Jay, Shiba San, and so many other incredible DJs on the label.

I wonder if Relentless Beats plans to book any other Dirtybirds prior to the campout. In the meantime check out Metroplace (collab between Alex Metric and Aeroplane) at Shady Park on 8/12 and dubstep master Flux Pavilion at Talking Stick 8/14.

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