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How The Munduzer Festival Changed My Life


Just the beginning of last year, I didn’t know any of these people. They were all strangers except for one, my friend Kayla. It all started when my girlfriend Kayla called me late one night and invited me the night before to a weekend getaway she found on Facebook called Munduzer Festival.
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 It included camping, rock climbing, a bonfire, yoga and spending time in nature. She said she messaged a random guy named Todd who created the event on Facebook and we were going to follow some other random guy we didn’t not know in a jeep. I thought I would have to be crazy to just jump in a car, follow some random guy through the middle of the mountains & and not even know where I was going. I didn’t know these people or what I was getting involved in. I had barely any camping experience or any gear but for some reason, I didn’t really question it though, It just seemed right. 
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It turned out to be an off roading adventure where I ended up leading a yoga class in the middle of a canyon, dancing the night away by a fire with live music and a DJ, sharing food with people, and making amazing friends…..
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Which led me to… Going the Summer Solstice Ride, The Wanderlust Festival, The Tour De Fat, an incredible 4th of July camping and backpacking trip at through West Clear Creek, joining a group called Yoga and More in the Park, volunteering and helping form a group called Desert Canvas, learning Acro yoga, going to a Festival created by Desert Canvas called Rebirth, meeting hundreds of new friends and gaining so many memories I can not even count.
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Todd one of the Founders of Munduzer, Yoga and More in the park and Desert Canvas, always talks about being fearless and to going outside your comfort zone. You never know what amazing decisions you can make when you let go of fear. Here I was with no camping experience and no gear. Going to the Munduzer Festival definitely was out of my comfort zone but impacted me in such a tremendous way.
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So be SPONTANEOUS… Do things your wouldn’t NORMALLY do. Go to festivals, go places alone, talk to strangers, meet new people, live on the edge, even if you are scared and the universe will guide you every step of the way.
What do you think? Have you been to Munduzer before? What were your experiences? Please let me know in the comments below!

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