Munduzer Lineup & Schedule To Be Announced

Video of Munduzer 2016 festival! All texts in video are REAL quotes from Munduzer 2016 participants. 

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What to expect / What is the cost?

Get ready for 3 days of challenge, centering, and celebrating! Each activity and event leads to the next. For the full experience, attend them all! :)

Ticket prices will range from $55 to $105 depending on how early tickets are purchased.

2,500 People Camping

Last year we had about 500 people camping and making friends for three full days! This year we are going to take it up a notch and have 2,500 people camp for an adventure you will remember for years to come!

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20+ Live Musicians & DJ's

Last year we had an exquisite lineup of Arizona artists to bring you all the sounds of the valley among a 56,000 watt sound system! You can only assume Munduzer 2017 is going to be bigger and better!

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20+ Workshops & Speakers  

Last year we brought to you over 20 different workshops including a flavor tripping party, how to make an acai bowl, sound healing, a flip cup tournament, capoeira, acroyoga, and how to make paracord bracelets to name a few. 2017 is going to be even better!

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Adventure Hike

Last year we had 250 people participate in the 2.7 mile adventure hike where along the way we paused once to practice sound healing and once again to enjoy live acoustic music. 2017 is going to have even more adventure stops to enhance your hiking experience!

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Fire & LED 

Last year Circus Farm put on an absolutely spectacular fire performance at the main stage. Next year you might expect to be surrounded 360° by performers!

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Art Installations + Live Artists

Last year we featured many art installations by Digital Permaculture as well as our very own “ReBirth” and “Cactus” structures. Expect a few additions next year!

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Vendor Village 

Last year we had an assortment of item and food vendors to choose from. For 2017, expect a greater variety of collectables and edibles! Whatever you’re craving, chances are we’ll have it!

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Massive Yoga     Classes

Last year we had over 200 participants in the two featured yoga classes sponsored by Ironwood Yoga. Next year we plan to fill up the entire amphitheater with over 700 yogis!

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What People Said About Munduzer 2016!


"It was my first festival, and I'm not a every extroverted person. Everyone was so welcoming that it broke me out of my shell a lot! Thank you all so much ^.^ "

-Anonymous, Tempe, AZ
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"@desertcanvas #munduzer was a blast. I've never experienced anything like it and the good vibes, great people, awesome music have definitely made a lasting impact on my life." 

-Adam Martinez, Phoenix, AZ 
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" Just wanted to say this weekend was amazing and a ton of fun! I'd never been tent camping before, but I thought the location and the crowd was perfect! I loved all of the activities, workshops, yoga, hiking, the performances, and the DJ's/choice of music! "

-Melissa Francesca, Chandler, AZ
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"Munduzer is more than just just a festival. It is a platform for comunities of all types to get together, step outside your comfort zones, try new things, and grow together! Our variety of activities ranging from yoga, hiking, meditation, workshops, beer flip cup tournaments, fire performances, live music, DJ's, and more creates an experience where you are bound to do just that!"

-Todd VanDuzer, CEO & Co-Founder
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