Make New Friends, Discover More Passions, Accomplish Greater Goals!

Desert Canvas provides you events, workshops, festivals, and goal development classes with a community that values co-creation, reciprocation, authenticity, passion, fun/adventure, goals, and sustainability.

Join Our Community!

Weekly Mini Festivals

Every week we offer All One Fest, a mini music, yoga, and art festival designed to challenge your body, center your mind, and celebrate life. Expect yoga, Djs, vendors, live music, pool parties, dancing, painting and more!  Previously called “Yoga & More”.

 Make new friends, try new things, and discover more passions!

Cost: $10 or FREE for Community & Goal Getter Members!

Dozens of Workshops & Events

We have partnered with dozens of different businesses and individuals to co-create workshops and events for you to attend weekly! Yoga classes, indoor rock climbing, sustainability talks, wilderness survival workshops, beer tasting and so much more!

Step outside our comfort zone, meet new people, and expand your mind!

Cost ranging from $8-$20 per event/workshop, 20% off for Community & FREE for Goal Getter Members

Goal Development Class + Accountability Meetings

Did you know that only 8% of people reach their new year resolutions according to University of Scantron? Yes you can reach your goals on your own but with a supportive community of Goal Getters you can reach even greater goals! There is a reason the most successful people in the world practice this.

Part 1:

Discover Your Drive


What are you passions, the pattern in your life, your natural strengths, etc. Together let’s discover things about ourselves we didn’t know, to determine our mission, ensuring the goals we go after are NOT ones that are conditioned to us by society.

Part 2:

Develop SMART Goals

Create your 15 year vision board, answer “10 Areas of Life to Focus On” questions, and then create SMART 5 year, 1 year, and quarterly goals for your career, health, and social life.

Part 3

Put It Into Practice

Learn & develop babysteps using software and productivity tips from GTD, implement a morning routine, get set up with some accountability partners, and schedule quarterly accountability classes to keep you on track.

As a community let’s hold each other accountable for living a balanced and healthy life!

Part 1 & 2 Cost: $18 | Free for Community members or an invite from a fellow Goal Getter

Part 3 is invite only. Exclusive to Goal Getters.

Learn more about our Goal development class!  Learn more about the Goal Getters

Music, Arts, & Adventure Festivals

Like the saying goes… “work hard, play hard.” We 100% agree. It is important to be focused and contributing your skills to society but it is also important to celebrate from time to time. A couple times per year we throw festivals designed to let you let loose and have pleasure in your life.

Make new friends, discover more passions, and accomplish greater goals!

Cost ranging from $50-$109 per festival,  15% off for Community & 25% off for Goal Getters

Desert Canvas is an incubator for creativity. It is an environment where the sum of the opinions of the individuals in the equation are all unanimously pushing towards creating things they personally enjoy.

Mitch Aaron Gross Phoenix, AZ

Todd one of the Founders of Desert Canvas, always talks about being fearless and to going outside your comfort zone. You never know what amazing decisions you can make when you let go of fear.

Juliette MarieTempe, AZ

"Desert Canvas has become a connection point for what a lot of people have been looking for and it guides them to bigger and better things in their life. It showed me how everything you want to do is possible. ”

Jared PortugalChandler, AZ

"What is it that makes Desert Canvas a unique organization? Hands down- the people. These people continue to inspire and amaze me every day. We go on adventures together, teach each other new skills and hold each other accountable for personal goals."

Sara TiberoPhoenix, AZ