What is All One Fest?

All One Fest, previously called "Yoga & More" is a festival that occurs every Thursday at Gateway Apartment complex located off University & Dorsey in Tempe. 

Our mission is to help YOU meet new friends, discover more passions, and accomplish greater goals through a supportive community that values reciprocation, co-creation, authenticity, goals, passion, sustainability, fun/adventure. 

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What To Expect 

Every week we will provide you a mini festival where you will have the chance to partipate in a variety of activites that will help you meet new friends, discover more passions, and reach greater goals!

Yoga Class

We are known for 50-100 person yoga classes, but now we are taking them to a whole new level. We are offering  the best yoga instructors in the valley with multiple assistants ensuring correct posture and form.

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Guided Meditation

Over the past couple years we have worked with a variety of different meditation guros. Every week we will offer top of the line guided meditation, sound healing, chants, and more. 

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Acro Yoga
Play Time

Acro Yoga is two person acrobatic yoga. There will be acro yoga groups practicing, giving demos, and tips/tricks they have learned from their practice. Get ready to stretch and be streched while improving trust and balance.

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Live Dj's
and Bands

During all yoga classes we will have calming live music and instrumentals. After expect Live DJs and bands to pick up the tempo and keep the energy levels high. Grab a friend and start the dance party!

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Support Local

We want to give our local community members a chance to share their creative endevors. Every week expect local food and merchandise Vendors showcasing their beautiful work and delicious food. SUPPORT LOCAL!

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Pool Parties and Games

Summer is hot here in Arizona. So lets end every Thursday evening with a massive pool party! Jump in, cool off, then warm back up with tunes and hot tubs.

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Workshops & Flow Arts!

Every week we will offer some sort of workshop in addition to the  flow arts and other fun activities people participate in - hula hooping, hand stands, thai massage, drum circles, massage circles, speeches, community open mic, and more!

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...and More!

Don't worry everything else that you saw at Yoga & more will still exist. Slackining, hula hooping, soclizing, and more! The only difference is everything will be bigger and better!

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What People Say About Us


"A month ago if you told me that I was gonna quit my full time job, acquire an internship and begin to pursue a career based around photography, I would have called you crazy. This community is incredible!"

-Billy Lawrence, Tempe, AZ
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"Hands down-the people. The people this organization brings together through their events continues to inspire and amaze me every day. We band together, pushing each other outside our comfort zones to enhance each others daily lives." 

-Sara Tibero, Phoenix, AZ 
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" Desert Canvas believes if you set goals, you have the ability to create future manifested by your passions. You won't be simply trying to survive, but actually living a life of adventure." 

-Sonny Hughey, Richmond, VA
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"Desert Canvas accidently started with just me and a slackline between two trees. I never thought I would fall in love with this organization and meet so many incredible individuals that would transform my life along the way. I am not alone. "

-Todd VanDuzer, CEO & Co-Founder
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