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Diving Into New Opportunities Can Change Your Life

Vladimir Madorsky arrived in Phoenix in May after returning from a 4 month trip to Australia. A fresh college graduate from Florida, Vladimir migrated to the southwest ready to take on new and exciting opportunities.

As a millennial, Vlad aspires to becoming something bigger than himself. This can be seen with his enthusiasm and drive when speaking with him one on one.

Vladimir Hiking Arizona Vlad was searching for a way to connect with like minded individuals.

One day Vlad stumbled on a Facebook event for the July 7th Yoga & More in the Park event. When he showed up there was about 10-15 people and a few slack-lines hanging from surrounding trees.

Vladimir slack-lining After the event, Vlad went up to the organizer of the event Todd Vanduzer to thank him for setting up everything. Immediately the two clicked and became friends. Shortly after the two went on the climbing trip and discovered they also share many of the same ideas.

After meeting Todd there was a flame that had ignited within Vlad.

In college it’s often hard to stay motivated. Vlad admitted to sleeping in late and had a tough time focusing on what his potential was. He felt like he was not living up to his expectations.

Vlad expressed his concern that he had missed out on some opportunities to become the best version of himself.

Vladimir backpacking

Vlad jumped aboard the Desert Canvas team when the opportunity presented itself. Currently he manages sales and ticketing, musicians, artists, stage design, VIP lounge design. “A little bit of everything,” Vlad chuckled when I asked him his role for the organization.

Desert Canvas Decadence Even though he tackles a huge role, he seems to keep a cool, calm, and collected head on his shoulders. Although he might not have the most experience with some of the positions he holds, he seems to embrace the uncertainty and truck forward. “The best way to learn something is to jump right in the middle of it” Vlad explained.

With an attitude like this, I myself felt inspired to go out and try new and unfamiliar interests. I can’t help but notice that the people I meet through Desert Canvas are the most genuine and lively individuals.

We all are looking to connect and feed off each others’ energy. Everyone involved with Desert Canvas can agree that there is something special looming on the horizon. All of us can see the potential this organization has on each other and what it has to offer for those who attend our events and festivals.

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