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Co-Creating The Life You Want To Live!

Like many of the transformation stories that we have already shared with you. This story begins at Yoga & More in the Park. Are you starting to see a trend?

Mitch Aaron Gross began attending Yoga and More in the Park just over a year and a half ago. There he met CEO and Co-founder of Desert Canvas Todd VanDuzer,  Vladimir Madorsky, and other co-creators. He formed personal relationships with many individuals within the organization very quickly.

Munduzer 2016 yoga

Photo from Munduzer 2016 by Pinnacle Pixel Photo.

“Immediately after getting involved with the organization you are encouraged to pursue your creative endeavors,”  Mitch noted.

While attending Yoga & More in the Park frequently, Mitch was also developing his own personal brand Pinnacle Pixel Photo which specializes in photography and cinematography.

Many of the photographs used for advertisements on the Desert Canvas website and other various promotional material were shot by Mitch.


Photo from Rebirth by Pinnacle Pixel Photo.

Mitch recalls one specific time when Todd and him were discussing goals, “I told him I wanted to be a self sustained photographer making 100k a year by age 30,”  he explained. Todd’s response surprised him. “why age 30?”  he suggested. “why not sooner?”.

“Todd gave me the boot out of the door of the C-130,”  Mitch laughed.

“He and other Desert Canvas members encouraged me to take the leap and pursue my dream career” , he later added.

Todd was not the only one who encouraged Mitch to pursue his dream career. Mitch shared with me that prior to filming Bakermat at Phoenix Lights Music Festival, he had some contact with the artist. Bakermat messaged him at one point: “Quit your job and pursue a career in photography”.

These words stuck with Mitch while filming Bakermat set at Phoenix Lights.

Bakermat at Phoenix Lights

Bakermat at Phoenix Lights. Photo by Pinnacle Pixel Photo.

Todd had the privilege to interview Bakermat after his set. Todd needed someone to film and shot still photographs during the interview.  He called on Mitch for his assistance. After the interview, Mitch approached Bakermat and introduced himself,  he explained to Bakermat that he had followed the artists advice.

Bakermats eyes widened and disbelief struck as he realized he was meeting the same individual he told to quit his job and pursue a career in film and photography”  Mitch recalled.

Before quitting his job, Mitch was working what he considers to be a conventional corporate nine-to-five job. From my understanding Mitch was unsatisfied working an environment that was ultimately limiting his potential for creative advancements.

Mitch informed me that many work colleagues did not take liking to his iconic style. He acknowledged that this did not bother him in the slightest. Mitch rocks what I consider to be the best handlebar mustache I’ve ever seen. Fortunately, many people outside of what we consider the traditional work environment encourage Mitch’s individualist style.

Mitch Serenity Gathering 2015

Mitch at Serenity Gathering 2015. Photo by Stefan Poulos Photography.

Mitch states that for him,“Desert Canvas is an incubator for creativity. It is an environment where the sum of the opinions of the individuals in the equation are all unanimously pushing towards creating things they personally enjoy”.

Mitch and I both agreed that there is no organization that exists in the conventional world that we know of that is like Desert Canvas. Talking with Mitch about his personal and career goals really got me thinking about my own desires.

Desert Canvas connects you to people that will encourage you to go out there be the individual you aspire to be. It is such a great opportunity to be apart of something so groundbreaking.

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