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Transformation Stories

Tell Us Your Story: 4th of July Festival

By | All Categories, Festival Reviews, Phoenix Community Guides, Transformation Stories | 3 Comments

Do you ever feel lost? Maybe you can’t find your squad amidst a raging festival crowd. Or maybe, you can’t find a squad at all. Maybe you’re still in search of a group or community that accepts and loves you as you are. Frequent festival-goers know that bright, flashy totems are great landmarks for reuniting with friends after getting lost…

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Desert Canvas: Every Good Thing You Want To Believe About The World In One Place

By | Transformation Stories | 2 Comments

A lot of people have written here how volunteering for or attending a Desert Canvas event or workshop has changed them for the better. I’m not writing about that, because Desert Canvas didn’t change me. It did something better…. Stop what you are doing. Turn off your music, silence your phone….  Now remember back to when you were five years…

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You Can Find the Community You Belong To

By | Transformation Stories | No Comments

Kino Topazio knew something was missing from his life. On the outside, his life looked perfect. He been living in Arizona for five years, creating a steady routine of working, working out, and teaching Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines fight movements with music rhythms and acrobatic movements. But something was missing.  He didn’t have a community, let alone…

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Diving Into New Opportunities Can Change Your Life

By | Transformation Stories | One Comment

Vladimir Madorsky arrived in Phoenix in May after returning from a 4 month trip to Australia. A fresh college graduate from Florida, Vladimir migrated to the southwest ready to take on new and exciting opportunities. As a millennial, Vlad aspires to becoming something bigger than himself. This can be seen with his enthusiasm and drive when speaking with him one on…

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