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Dirty Disco Stage

Dirty Disco Ravers: Squashing Stereotypes

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Masses of people decked out in vibrant colors, extravagant costumes, elaborate makeup, and platform shoes. An array of flow artists–poi spinners, fire dancers, glovers, and hoopers–showcasing their talent at every turn. Heavy electronic music sending dancers into trances of ecstatic movement. Despite the negative stigma sometimes associated with rave culture, the following ravers at Arizona’s annual Dirty Disco are here…

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A Wet and Wild Weekend At Wet Electric

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Storm clouds hung over the Phoenix area this past weekend, however this did not deter thousands of enthusiastic EDM fans and weekend warriors looking for a wet and wild weekend at Wet Electric, an EDM festival thrown by the highly regarded company Relentless Beats. Location Wet Electric took place this year at Big Surf Water Park in Tempe Arizona. Located right…

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Your Guide to Upcoming Relentless Beats Events

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Relentless Beats has been steadily smashing the Valley with the best events Arizona ravers crave. With events like Global Dance Festival, Decadence, Crush and Phoenix Lights, Relentless Beats is leading the pack and proving over and over again that Arizona has one of the best dance scenes in the country. Here is a guide to upcoming Relentless Beats events. Relentless Beats Events Diplo, April 23rd…

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