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Can you “Dig It”? – Desert Canvas Community Outreach

By August 31, 2016All Categories

Can You “Dig It”? – Desert Canvas Community Outreach

How do I start my own garden? What types of plants are best for this season? Do I need a certain kind of soil? If you’ve ever asked these questions, Dig It sure had an answer to all of ‘em!

On Sunday, August 28th, Desert Canvas Goal Getters and Dig It, a local independent plant nursery, partnered to educate local citizens on the value of urban garden. Some Goal Getters and the community gathered to gain highly resourceful knowledge with a workshop led by Dig It co-founder and owner Tim Bishop. Attendees gained detailed, valuable information on how to start & maintain an organic garden in the southwest desert. A few of the topics discussed: watering plants, choosing soil, planning a garden based on the seasons, the meaning of “organic”, and so much more! And the best part is that money generated was donated to Phx Renews Initiative – a part of Make Phoenix Beautiful project that develops educational resources, events and community gardens to make use of empty lots in Phoenix.

Photo by Tyandrah Ashley

Each month Desert Canvas Goal Getters seek a nonprofit organization to partner with to engage members in community outreach. With these partnerships, we educate up-and-coming leaders, entrepreneurs, students, and social justice advocates on issues that our community faces. Together, we learn how we can create positive impact in our communities and develop more sustainable ways of living!

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Photo by Tyandrah Ashley

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