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Why Are We Waking Up 6:00 AM Saturday?

Saturday morning is meant for sleeping in right..? 

After a long week of work you finally get to hit that snooze button after that alarm you forgot to turn off wakes you up at 6 AM in order to get another 3 hours of rest. Right? 

Nope! Not the Desert Canvas Goal Getters!

We are committed to reaching greater goals in our social, health, and professional lives. This past Saturday we threw an all day event where we challenged our bodies, centered our minds, and celebrated life from dawn until dusk.

The event started on Saturday morning, August 27th at 7:30AM at follow Goal Getter Todd’s and my house with popular tunes from the Bluetooth Alto speaker. By 8 AM there were about fifteen of us jumping and yelling and letting the start of the day excite us like never before.

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Jayarr, a frequent face at All One Fest, led the way on his three-wheeled bike/transporter which carried a 100 W Bluetooth amp (gotta love today’s Bluetooth accessibility) laying down the tunes for the morning run’s participants.

Goal Getter Melanie Ford, Ironman finisher and health blogger, comfortably led the way to the destination, Tempe Town Lake by the paddle boat rentals. (Make sure to check out her blog for some awesome health tips!)


At the park, Goal Getter Tessa who is a bikini fitness competitor and an avid weightlifter, instructed an intensive thirty minute bootcamp class for everyone by improvising her exercises using what was available at the location.

This consisted of 100 meter sprints in between one minute intervals of dips, lunges, squats, and planks. We topped off the routine with an all-team wall sit and we made a promise if anyone fell we’d start over. Fortunately we crushed it the first time right then and there!14040022_10155197115665760_6489231453529348320_n

On our jog back home we stopped at the Tempe Arts Park Fountain and all dipped our heads in the water before returning home to enjoy a delicious brunch!

When we came back, music was turned right back up, and we could smell something incredibly tasty stirring up in the kitchen. As a way to help promote her meal-prep business in the works, Goal Getter Amanda treated everyone with a healthy vegan friendly brunch that consisted of numerous kinds of fruit, potatoes mixed with jalapeno and bell peppers, gluten-free banana pancakes, and a sensational kale and quinoa salad.


By 11 AM, after everyone had already ran about three miles, tuned their bodies, and treated themselves with a savory and kind-to-the-body brunch, Todd’s big van was used as the transport shuttle to get everyone to MAC6. Goal Getter Brittany, co-founder of Agrandir Life, a minful meditation program for corporate companies, met us there to lead a Intro to Meditation class that taught us the science around the practice and how it helps us live more focused, productive, and less stressfully.

After the knowledge of how and why meditation is important to our success and happiness we did a couple guided meditations that rested our minds.

As we recovered from the state of trance everyone seemed to be in after the meditation, we made our way back to the house to enjoy the rest of the day outside under the Arizona sky. We brought out refreshments to the pool and popped up some canopies. Goal Getter Bradley (PhunkNasty) and Brian showed up smiling with their DJ gear ready to set the mood for the pool deck. House beats were spun immediately and the party was established.

Mars, representative of Sambazon, showed up to restock the fridge with their Amazon Energy Acai Drinks. Goal Getter Laila showed off her sleek pole fitness moves using a pole we installed for the day in our flipped garage (hangout spot).

Goal Getter Melissa, a former nationally competing baton twirler, put on a few shows flipping her LED baton in the air. Kira and Josh were adding some spectacular acrobatic displays in the pool. Goal Getter Chris was snapping shots all day with his camera and handed out his product, the Liqsicle, a naturally flavored hard alcohol popsicle. Hammocks were hung, drinks were had, and conversations were sparked among strangers at the party until the sun set.

We plan to have this party once a month. We really enjoyed the background of each individual that was there. Everyone had something interesting to mention and the diversity of it was impressive.

We loved giving Tessa, Amanda, Bradley, Laila, Melissa and Chris, all current Goal Getters, the opportunities to promote their skills and business ideas.

As Goal Getters, we love socializing with people that stay ambitious, are creative, and are either working hard towards their dreams or searching for a way to be doing so.

Sound like something you are interested in?

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