About Desert Canvas

Todd VanDuzer​

He started a tutoring & test prep agency and transformed it into an SEO machine that gets over a million annual page views. He bought 5 homes and turned them into investments and writes for Huff Post.

Todd VanDuzer has been practicing business since he was 7 years old.

When he was 16 he started a tutoring & test prep company, Student-Tutor which grew to become a nationally recognized tutoring company with over one million page views per year helping thousands of families eliminate academic stress & improve confidence for college, scholarship, and career success. 

In addition, VanDuzer has traveled to over 35 different countries, writes for popular sites like The Huffington Post, consulted for million dollar start-ups, hosted & co-founded multi-day 500+ person music & arts festivals, rock climbed up 2000+ foot cliffs, purchased 5 rental properties for ASU college students, and even converted a Chevy 2500 van into a little apartment on wheels and toured the United States giving College planning presentations to over a dozen cities with hundreds of families in attendance. 
Through many failures and successes, VanDuzer has worked with individuals & industries from all walks of life. He realized his true passion was in helping others change the world in their own small way. 
What better way to help achieve this than by helping your organization grow and helping more people?
VanDuzer is the Activator. He gets you pumped up and is the lead strategist for Desert Canvas. He gets you onboard and lays out your plan.

Vlad Madorsky

He got his start in Fortune 500 land as a mechanical engineer. He brings with him the systems, the processes, and some serious style. He built this full website.

Vlad Madorsky can take the complicated thing and re-explain it to you in bite-sized pieces. He loves to teach. He’s the ultimate problem solver. He sees everything in shapes and patterns, which can always be rearranged to work more efficiently.

He’s taken that skill to manage Facebook Ads and landing pages for business owners for 2 years now. In March 2018, he became part of Dan Henry’s 10K Club, for earning $10,000 in one month from running ads for clients.

As a kid in Florida, he was always recognizing patterns. Indoors, he was building cars and spaceships with LEGOS. Outdoors, it was all about skateboarding, creating new flip patterns with his board. 

Most of his teenage years were spent playing bass for a band and recording music, messing with the settings until the sounds were perfect.

Before moving to Arizona in 2015, he worked as a door-to-door salesman in Australia, from which he’s pulled valuable lessons from and uses for our trainings. 

He is our system optimizer. He makes your campaigns work better.

Legends he learns from are Frank Kern, Neil Patel, Ryan Deiss.

Vlad is the Creator. He leads all design efforts for Desert Canvas and makes sure you’re having a good time doing business with us.


We (Todd and Vlad) first worked together in 2015 as partners for a music and arts festival concept. At the time, there were six co-founders. The other four were Cat, Paulina, Amanda, and Sara.

We put on dozens of one of a kind events in the Phoenix valley, including a 500 person multi day festival. Check out the video here! We called ourselves Desert Canvas. 

To grow the community, we were spending a lot on Facebook & Instagram ads and using online tools, like Mailchimp, WordPress, Infusionsoft, LeadPages, Google Analytics, Eventbrite, and dozens of others. We developed a media team, wrote close to a hundred articles, hung out backstage with rock stars, and produced a lot of content online helping build our web authority with Google. 

Maybe you heard us featured on Eofire with John Lee Dumas. 

The festival industry was not for us and we went our separate ways… but in 2018, we decided to collaborate together and form a digital coaching team. Since we liked the name Desert Canvas and the website had decent web authority and we weren’t using it , we officially decided to continue growing the Desert Canvas brand as a Digital Marketing Agency.

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Desert Canvas

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About Us

Desert Canvas is the collaboration between internet entrepreneurs Vlad Madorsky and Todd VanDuzer, designed to help growing companies craft and profit from their digital marketing strategies.

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