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Phoenix Event Reviews: 4th of July Was Fire with Dillon Francis (and Gerald)

“It’s Fourth of July!” a Dillon Francis in sunglasses yelled to the crowd.

Everyone cheered.

And it’s hot as fuck!”

Louder cheers.

Scottsdale is always a great place to get your celebration on, and Independence Day is no exception. And the big daytime event this year? Dillon Francis at the pool at Maya Day and Nightclub, courtesy of Steve LeVine Entertainment and Triyar Entertainment.

Eager to get the star-spangled festivities on, we made our way out to Scottsdale in the early afternoon. Red wristbands on and vodka sodas in hand, we were out there in the 109 degree heat, chatting among the other moombahton fans and sharing what tracks we were looking forward to the most.

By 3 PM the energy was at peak levels and the Fourth of July party was in full swing. Tons of beautiful people in their finest red, white, and blue swimwear and Dillon Francis tees. A rowdier table was fully taking advantage of bottle service and popped multiple bottles of champagne in the name of freedom. The impressive team of bartenders seemed to be working at light speed to make their classic bright blue “fishbowls” (complete with little rubber ducks!), many of which were spotted all throughout the day.

Photo Taken By Billy Lawrence

Photo Taken By Billy Lawrence

By early evening the sun had calmed down but the crowds had not. And suddenly, it was time for the main event. Around 5:30 PM Dillon Francis had appeared – with his colorful piñata sidekick, Gerald, in tow. The crowds gathered close to the stage, anticipating the first drop.

Luckily, Dillon was here to Make It Bounce, and that he did. Within seconds the crowd was moving and grooving and those in the pool were splashing around to the beat (and I kept my iPhone as far away from that as possible!).

The set was filled with a number Dillon’s hits including Kill The Noise collab Dolphin On Wheels and a version of his original track IDGAFOS. Remixes of Galantis and Chromeo also provided a bit of variety and he threw in a few EDM classics, including the timeless One More Time by Daft Punk, much to my delight. And of course he couldn’t leave without playing his latest single Candy, which got everyone to “shake their tootsie roll.”

Photo Taken By Billy Lawrence

Photo Taken By Billy Lawrence

Overall the set was a perfect blend of tracks for a party in the USA and I could imagine nothing better than dancing in the pool on a sunny Fourth of July. 

The only criticism that comes to mind is that scorching Arizona heat can slow you down a bit, but there isn’t much anyone can do about that (unless someone has an in with Mother Nature and would like to put in a good word for me…). There’s no season like pool party season, but make sure you wear a hat, slather on some SPF, and drink your water for maximum good times!

Good times are basically guaranteed at a Maya pool party and it’s safe to say I’ve got the next ones on my calendar. If you’re looking for some fun in the sun, be sure to check out RAC on July 10th and Chromeo on July 23rd. We know we will!

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